Growing good across America

At Pure Farmland, we believe that good things are grown from the ground up. That’s why we’re proud to introduce the Pure Growth Project– a program that supports community gardens in neighborhoods and preserves essential farmland where America’s food is grown.

We’ve donated $100,000 to community gardens so far—and it’s still growing!

Last year, we provided $100,000 in grants to neighborhood gardens and eligible food projects where access to fresh produce and green spaces are limited.

With your support, we’re fulfilling our mission to:

  • Grow urban areas accessibility to fresh produce
  • Support green spaces in neighborhoods with limitations due to capacity and economic restrictions
  • Increase the availability of locally grown, sustainable food sources such as fresh fruits and vegetables to communities across the country.

This year, good starts at home

With our “Grow a meal, share a meal” program, we invited people to plant their own gardens and grow something even bigger in the process.

We partnered with gardening expert Timothy Hammond and created four unique garden plans with ingredients that pair perfectly with our Pure Farmland plant-based proteins. Then, we invited people to grow along with us by posting weekly instructional videos featuring helpful hints from Timothy to make sure their gardens thrived.

But the goodness doesn’t stop there. Because for every video watched, garden plan downloaded or photo submitted we made a donation to Cooking Matters—a non-profit program that teaches parents and caregivers with limited food budgets how to shop for and cook healthy meals.

To learn more, download a garden plan or submit a photo of what you’re growing at home to our virtual community garden, visit

So, the next time you bite into our delicious burgers, meatballs, breakfast links and patties, dinner links or protein starters, you can feel good knowing that we’re growing something good, together.